What We Do

Member Medical allows you to have access to quality Urgent Care services at an affordable price. When you sign up for Member Medical, your monthly membership fee gives you the ability to visit a participating Urgent Care facility for just $10 a visit.

Participating in Member Medical also allows you to save money on the cost of your insurance coverage by giving you the ability to select a high deductible health plan and still maintain protection for the every day medical needs covered by a visit to an Urgent Care clinic.

Member Medical can also be a great option for employers who want to give their employees the best coverage possible, without impacting their wallets. By choosing a high deductible health plan, insurance premiums shrink, therefore allowing an individual or an employer to save on up-front costs. Using a fraction of the funds left over for a Member Medical subscription is a budget friendly option that gives you the reassurance of coverage for common illnesses and injuries - so you aren't paying out of pocket. Just the $10 fee for your visit.